Saturday, 12 August 2017

this town;


this town made me claustrophobic 
this town made me feel like i'm drowning and there is no sea

for this town i've been climbing mountains, 
yet i'm still so far away from the sun

their whispers suffocate me,
their stares give me migrains
their thoughts changed the colour of my heart   

i feel like i'm in a cage that i can't get out from
there lines i can't cross
because of them i learned the true meaning of anxiety

they broke me and ruined me, but the thing is; i let them.
over and over again.
i'm the one who let the voices in and stayed silent
i did nothing to save my soul from their poisonous claws 

i am as guilty as they are. who knows;
maybe i'm the ink of someone else's page too.