Saturday, 9 December 2017


Since i've started college, i've started new classes; interesting ones.
there was one that i managed to stay fully awake for. psychology class. to be exact our teacher talked to us about psychology of perception. i didn't think that it'd be something interesting at first but i really enjoyed listening.

he said that as kids we don't fully understand the concept of existence, we don't know how big the world is, or that other kids see and feel the things we do. we were egoistical little creatures. we grow up and change, hopefully.

as we grow up we take in all that happens and we process it. everyone views the world differently, and that's intriguing. our brains decide which situations and what information to keep, that way we don't have the actual picture of the world; we have a version of it, our version. we create the reality that we consider as real. and that spoke to me. we all have different opinions, we all think we are right. and that's because we created that place in us, in which our thinking and imagination is the correct one.

imagine you're in an elevator. there are five people, including you. there's someone in front of you, someone behind you, someone on your left and someone on your right.

the person in front of you is wearing a suit and is holding a briefcase. seems like a business person. he is talking on the phone while checking some papers. you think they have a nice job, enough money to buy that expensive watch. you listen to their conversation. the person doesn't say much, just reading his'd think he doesn't care or isn't paying much attention. maybe he's arrogant? maybe he's too selfish to give more time to the person he's talking to. that's your version of him.

on your left there is teenage girl with big headphones and ripped jeans. she has her nose pierced and dark eye makeup. "she's a punk" or "her grades are terrible" or "she will probably work at a tank station". some people would think that, that's their version.

behind you is woman with a cat on her arms. she's wearing sweatpants and a beanie. you see the pack of cigarettes on her pocket. "just a cat lady that judges everyone and talks too much", is what some others would think.

on your right is a boy who's pale and has dark circles under his eyes. he holds his backpack strands too tight and tapping his foot repeatidly "probably tired of playing video games all night" or "another anti  social young man"

the man in front of you is a lawyer, fighting for people's rights and helping them get back on their feet, he's going through a client's case trying to find a loop hole so that the mother of three kids won't lose her house. his secretary is updating him through the phone. not all lawyers are arrogant

the girl on your left is really good at math and loves science. she's has an interview to get to and is very anxious. an interview for a space program. she's young and has many ideas to change the world and go forward. and she likes dark colours and jazz music. not all "punks" are wasting their lifes away

the woman behind you is a cardiologist that has a few days off. she spent most of her life holding hearts and healing people. she got a cat for company. she's going to buy ice cream because she doesn't remember the last time she had one. someone's appearance says nothing about them.

the charismatic young man on your right had stayed up all night to create a program and sell it so he can help his family and then go to college to study art. not all young people are "tech junkies."

it's been a very long time in that elevator, right?

there are many people out there, with different stories, with good intentions and bad intentions.
we must be careful and try not to judge the humans we live with.
not all people who wear glasses are smart, not all people with rasta are junkies, not all girls with makeup are fake, not all mothers who smoke are irresponsible, not all men with expensive cars are douchebags.

there are stereotypes and not the reality.
and we believe what we want to believe. as toddlers we might be egoistical but as adults we owe it to ourselves to be more.